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We are glad to have you visiting our website. You won’t find a community board here. We know you will use FB for that. You won’t find cool games here. We know you have dozens of other sites for that as well as a PS3, Xbox, and Wii that would be a lot more fun than anything we might put here. We are not trying to make this a site that everyone wants to visit every day because it is just so awesome. That might be fun but it just isn’t the business we are in.

What you will find here is some basic information about our church family. Of course, to really learn about us you need to meet us. Maybe you have run into some of us at work, school, or just out and about in the community. Hopefully you’ve found people that love Jesus and love you too. Of course, we would love to have you stop by sometime too.

Let us know if there is anyway we can be a blessing to you.

© 2006-2019 Zanesville United Brethren Church

Welcome To ZUB

As the Fall season gets under way we find ourselves surrounded by activity. There are fund raisers that we do for various organizations in need of financial support, activities for children and students, and events designed to help build community.

But the most important thing we work on is developing our relationship with Jesus. Without that everything else is pretty meaningless. Are you tired of being busy for busy sake? Are you looking for meaning to life in all the wrong places? We encourage you to look into Jesus. He is the answer.

© 2006-2019 Zanesville United Brethren Church